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Product name:  ACCELERATOR CBS
CAS NO.:           95-33-0
Chemical Name: N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide
Empirical Formula:
Molecular Weight:264.42




Physical Form: Grayish-white powder or granular
Chemical Specifications:

IMP (DEG C) min                    98                                (ASTM D1519)                                                                     
FMP:  Deg C)                         99 -109                       (ASTM D1519)
Ash (%)                                  0.5     max                   (ASTM D4574)                                             
Drying loss (%) max:             0.5% max                    (ASTM D4571)
Free Amines:                          0.5% max                    (ASTM D4936)
alcohol insoluble:                   0.5% max                    (ASTM D4934)
sulfenamide assay:                 96%min                       (ASTM D4936)
Size ( 100 mesh for powder only )    0.1% MAX      (ASTM D5461)
Oil content (for oiled powder only)      1-2%             (-------)
 Packaging and Storage:  Packed in fiber paper bag / plastic bags – 25kgs net or 500 – 1000kgs net big bags. The products should be stored and transported on pallets in dry, cool and covered places and vehicles. Storage life in undamaged original packaging is 1 year from production date under the observation of storage conditions.  


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