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AtoN AIS working stations broadcast information by AIS message to surrounding vessels and base stations via AIS net work.




Main feature:

Low power consumption, easy to install, high reliability, meeting the latest standards of IEC, ITU, IALA and the latest relative AIS regulations.

Main functions:

   Meet the technical requirements of type I AtoN AIS station.
   Utilize the time slot of base station working in a FATDMA mode
   Automatically broadcast NO.21 AIS message, and broadcast interval is adjustable
   Connect small flashing lighthouse and LED, broadcast interval information by No.6 Message, including AtoN position, voltage, electric current and light characteristics.
   IP65 sealed construction, anti-fog, anti-corrosion, meet the operating requirements of marine buoys.
   Non-continuous operation, working volt 12 VDC, static working electric current≤75mA
Main specifications:
Frequency range:  156.025MHZ-162.025MHZ
Default AIS1 channel:  CH87 161.975MHZ
Default AIS2 channel:  CH88 162.025MHZ
Input voltage:  12-30 VDC
Channel interval:  25KHZ
Frequency errors:  ±500HZ
Modulation system: GMSK
Launching power:   12W/7W/2W
Reception sensitivity:  -107dBm
Numbers of GPS channels: 50
GPS Cold boot:   29S
GPS warm boot:  1S
Positioning accuracy:  <10m
                 Communication interface: RS422, 232
                 Transport Protocol: IEC6112-2, NMEA0183
                  Working temp:  -15- 55 Deg C          
                 Storage temp:  -40 – 70 Deg C
                 Relative humidity:  95% max 

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